Day 1 of SOLSC

As I have searched many times through the jungles of what is known as the internet, I found a website many months ago, called 2 Writing Teachers. I have always felt, as a person and a teacher, that writing is a way to truly express feelings, thoughts and a wonderful way to reflect upon life. I have taught for 9 years and have tried to impress upon my 8 and 9 year old students that writing about personal experiences and reading about others' experiences can present a new world of connections and relationships with the words on the paper as well as the people that write them. There are many ways to express oneself but writing has always been an outlet that I can depend on to tell the matter what. So, I have joined this challenge of writing each day about what I do, say and think to try to find my something wonderful for each day. I feel that my purpose in life is to connect and impact others and I emphatically believe that everyone should do something wonderful each and every day.

This is my first blog and my first day of the Slice of Life Story Challenge.
My third grade class starts state reading testing for the first time tomorrow and I am somewhat nervous but at the same time excited. I'm nervous because their unfamiliarity of the process. We have done many practice formative assessments, but there's nothing like the real thing! I keep asking myself, "Will they remember their test-taking strategies?" and "Will they put forth their best effort even when it gets tough?"But, I'm excited because my answer to all my questions is that they will do their best and my positive attitude and  encouragement will help them through.
My wonderful thing for today is when we were done reviewing for the day, one of my English-Language Learners who has had some trouble with reading and testing came up to me and said, "Mrs. Sloan, did you know that all that stuff we have been talking about in class I remember?" When I had asked her about how she felt about taking the test tomorrow she said, "I know I'll do great and I'm not scared at all?"
Me too.


  1. Welcome to the Blog World, Christine! I'm glad you decided to become a Slicer. :) Thanks for sharing a bit of your life -- our state testing begins tomorrow too. We'll be taking a math test + the writing prompt. I'm glad you've instilled confidence in your students. I think that is the very best thing we can do as they prepare to take standardized tests.
    Happy writing,

  2. Welcome to blogging, Christine! (I still consider myself to be pretty new to this, and I've been at it for two years now.) Joining the Slice-of-Life gang is a great start. Stacey and Ruth have built a wonderful site and a real community of writers and teachers. Have fun!
    ~~Stacie (um, not Stacey of TWT, of course ... it would be far too vain to write about my own work in that way, wouldn't it?!)


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