Day 4 of SOLSC

As I sit here waiting to pack up and go home, I think about how proud I am of my students this week. Today marked our last day of Reading State Assessments and I am so excited to say that there are a majority of our students from the whole 3rd grade who reached exceeding standards or exemplary. There are many days that I wonder if all my hard work teaching and all their hard work learning pays off. Sometimes it feels like I stretch myself as far as I possibly can and at the same time wonder if it's worth it. I can wholeheartedly say YES IT IS!!!!
Every day that I enter to see those fresh and curious faces, I feel drawn to make a difference. Many teachers say that's the reason that they chose the profession and I emphatically agree. Not to say that there aren't obstacles along the way, because there are many of those, but each obstacle brings about a new opportunity to learn. I was reassured today that I do make a difference and all my words that I repeat like a broken record have stuck!
My something wonderful for today is that my hard work (as well as my sanity) have been kept intact and my students have comforted me to know that I should feel proud of them as well as myself.


  1. Ahhh . . . a slice about PRIDE, and a very good one at that. Thanks for sharing, Ruth


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