Day 21 of SOLSC

Day 10 of Spring Break-
So, the end is near. I must go back to school tomorrow! But, I must say that recharging my batteries and spending time with my family was a great break and sometimes that is better than the worry of packing and flying and all that travel time. Perhaps next year I will travel to a sunny and tropical destination. :)
I was checking my facebook status and one of my friends posted a link to an article with Sir Ken Robinson, who is the author of "The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything." He was discussing his take on the education system and how he compares it to a factory. "It's based on models of mass production and conformity that actually prevent kids from finding their passions and succeeding," he said. He feel that instead of trying to mass-produce children who are good at taking tests and memorizing things, schools should emphasize a child's personal development. He also stated that "not all kids are good at the same things, and the education system shouldn't pretend they should all turn out the same."
I feel as though creativity and nurturing a child's passion and developing their strengths but at the same time encouraging them to improve upon their "stretches" can produce a well-rounded child. However, I do think that all students should be able to use test-taking strategies on paper and pencil and computerized tests and that some memorization as well as taking tests will prepare them for other educational experiences. 
But, that can't be it. In my 9 years of teaching, I have always tried to achieve balance and supporting multiple learning styles as well as brain-based learning. Unfortunately, there is currently so much pressure and there are many decisions based upon standardized testing scores. Hopefully, things will adjust and change to fit the needs of our students and as a result there will be a balance in education.


  1. I hope more of the people in power, in this country, will start listening to the kinds of things you and Robinson are saying.


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