Day 20 of SOLSC

Day 9 of Spring Break-
Dear Mother Nature, 
Please don't trick me into thinking that spring is right around the corner with 2 weeks of 50 and 60 degree days. I'm very surprised as well as upset that in the last 24 hours you have decided to give us a present of 4 inches of snow and the forecast calls for snow throughout today and tomorrow. I had my hopes up that the last couple of days of my spring break would bring sunshine and warm weather to enjoy with my family. I hope that this is the end of the snow in Kansas at least until November. Don't get me wrong, I love the seasons. But, winter is over and I'm tired of the snowy weather.
Thank you for your consideration. 


  1. How fun that you tired a letter today! I notice that mini-letters as facebook statuses are popular lately, too. It is always more fun when the letter is to an unexpected recipient.

  2. I, too, find myself writing letters to Mother Nature (usually as FB status updates). I hope she listens to you better than she listens to me!


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