Day 17 of SOLSC

Day 5 of Spring Break-
Well, I'm actually happy that I've been able to post every day so far for 17 days. But, I must admit that finding some interesting and diverse topics to write about has probably been my biggest struggle with the process. I find that teaching brings about many things to talk about as well as reflect upon. There are also many things that come up that I feel are the "usual" things that aren't as exciting to share or discuss. Mainly because of the boring repetition of events that happen within my day as an educator. But, today I have found something that I have chosen to reflect upon. 
Summer is arriving in a couple of months and I have been thinking about a plan in order to have a relaxing and fulfilling summer that is meaningful. I have taught summer school in the past and have enjoyed it but I feel like I need to branch out and find new and challenging activities to extend and stretch myself mentally and physically. 
So, my something wonderful for today is to set my goal to find something this summer that will bring in some extra income (of course) but also provide me with a way to grow both professional and personally.


  1. One of the things I like about Slice is that you can just focus on a small moment and make it big, through your writing. Keep up the good work.

  2. I sometimes feel the same way as you do as a writer. Nothing new or exciting or interesting to write about. I try to find a moment or thought it my day and then bring it to life. The one thing I do know is that through writing more and more it helps me develop my skills! Good luck in setting your summer goal!


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