Day 27 of SOLSC

So, I love to read and I like to spend some time every weekend devoted to reading. I just finished the 9th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series (what HBO's True Blood series is based on) and I am sort of stuck on what to read next. I also just finished my teacher's book club book "Same Kind of Different As Me", which is the complete opposite of vampire books. I love reading chick-lit but I also try to balance genres. As a result, I'm looking for an array of titles or series to get into next and expand my reading horizons. 
Any ideas?


  1. I have a giant list of books that
    I have gathered through the month! I am currently reading The Help by Katherine Stockett about black house keepers in Mississippi in the 60's. It is really good!

  2. I'm reading Carol Goodman's new book, Arcadia Falls and loving it. Goodman is one of my favorite authors. For YA books I recently started Patrick Ness's Chaos Walking series: Book 1 The Knife of Never Letting Go was incredible and I'm going to start Book 2 The Ask and the Answer after I finish Arcadia Falls.

  3. if you like vampire series books, i've fallen in love with "thirst" --written in the late 1990s by christopher pike, but repackaged (is young adult lit). "the graveyard book" by nick gaimon (of "coraline" fame) is fantastic! as far as adult lit, i'm in the middle of "who slashed celanire's throat?" by maryse conde. it's about a girl who was attacked and she tries to find her attacker. beautiful writing!! the only professional book i've read lately that's not high school related was a teaching poetry book published by scholastic...sorry, but i can't remember the author!

  4. I also loved The Help. I believe this was Kathryn Stockett's first novel. She developed fabulous characters with strong voices living in a time of unbelievable prejudice. My daughter recently recommended Kindred by Octavia E. Butler. I will probably read it in a couple weeks on our spring break. Professionally I read Awakening the Heart by Georgia Heard not too long ago. I love her books on using poetry in the classroom.

  5. Thanks so much for your ideas! It's great hearing about wonderful books that will inspire and entertain. I will add them to my list!


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