Day 26 of SOLSC

Sometimes I don't realize how much I can learn from my students. 1 month ago I had a new student from Haiti join my classroom. He spoke almost no English and was pretty confused about what we did and how we did things here in America. But, as soon as I sat down with him I was amazed with what he knew! He is a whiz at math and as of today he already has all his letters and sounds down pat. Since he has the foundation of the French language, acquiring English isn't as difficult as one might think. I'm feeling confident that he is on his way to success!
And so comes today. I now have a new student from China. My principal told me yesterday that she would be starting today and she knows little to no English. But, I was prepared since I just had this experience with my other new student. So, I did a little homework and checked out some Dr. Seuss books that are in Chinese and English and translated a couple of phrases that she (and I) should know. I must say that reading characters rather than letters will be quite a task. She loved them! We sat down today and played computer games in reading and math and she did great as well! I'm feeling very good about this whole situation considering I now have 6 different languages spoken in my class.
But, the icing on the cake is when my students heard that we were having a new student, they got so excited and said that we get them because we have the most awesome class in the whole school! That just warms my heart.


  1. Your students are lucky to have you. Have you ever read Painted Words, Spoken Memories? The theme matches up well with what you are experiencing right now. I bet you and your students would like it.

  2. Your students are right! Bravo to you for taking the time and effort to make a new student's adjustment easier.


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