Day 29 of SOLSC

One thing that I love doing is reading about other teachers doing awesome activities that I can use within my own classroom. One of my favorite websites that I love visiting with from the teacher Beth Newingham. (just google her)I know of lots of teachers that use her website as a resource to improve their classroom instruction. She is a 3rd grade teacher in Michigan who is also a scholastic teaching matters contributor. 
She has wonderful ways to engage students and incorporate creativity in each lesson. I found a really cool idea that I am excited to implement in my own classroom. For part of her social studies curriculum, she has created a unit called the United States Region Tour. It takes the different regions of the US and breaks each one down and the students have "traveling" experiences with food, monuments, letters, historical facts and so much more. She states that, "providing students with authentic learning experiences is something I work hard to do in my classroom on a daily basis." I agree with her and I know that making learning meaningful is one of the best gifts I can give my students.
My something wonderful today is that I hope to purposefully create more authentic learning experiences within my class more each week.


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