Day 15 of SOLSC

Day 3 of Spring Break-
One of my favorite parts of having time off is that I get time to find new resources and ideas to use within my classroom. I make sure, however, that I limit my time spent on school stuff because it's so easy to spend hours on it!
I wanted to share one of my favorite websites that I think has been a great resource for reading and writing workshop that I have used for many years. 
I have on my favorites a website from Beth Newingham-
She is a 3rd grade teacher who is also a scholastic teacher advisor that has wonderful and creative ideas on what to do and how to do it, which prevents me from having to reinvent the wheel when it comes to teaching. My favorite part is if you go to teacher resources, she has videos of her in action as well as worksheets, lessons and awesome extras to add to you curriculum. I try to recommend her to all my colleagues. 
So, my something wonderful for today is to try to integrate new ideas so that my instruction will be as effective as possible but at the same time, ease my stress levels.


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