Day 25 of SOLSC

Every once in a while there is a small moment of giggles that seems to spread like wildfire with my students. This week our reading class is learning about astronauts in space, the space shuttle and gathering data from different planets. I gathered some books to read aloud so that I could extend my students learning. I was reading the book "G is for Galaxy" and we were reviewing different parts of the galaxy and making connections to our reading. As I was discussing Pluto and how it wasn't a planet anymore, I accidentally said Plunet when I was trying to say Pluto and planet. You would have thought that I pumped my students full of laughing gas because they were practically rolling on the ground giggling. So, I finished the book (with the background giggles) and mentioned that sometimes it just the little things that get us laughing. Of course, I had to giggle too.


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