Day 6 of SOLSC

Saturday arrives as a welcome present! After a week of stress and anxiety over whether my students would do well on our Reading State Assessments, it is relaxing to have a day to appreciate. No alarm clock (except my 4 yr old German Shepherd Hank who wonderfully wakes me at 6:30 every day haha), no obligations, no schedule to follow and a day to enjoy to take pleasure in. I find that catching up on my shows from the past week and reading my favorite book on the couch are things that help me recharge my battery and help me unwind and prepare for the week ahead. 
So, my something wonderful for today is to think about taking care of me. I plan a walk to take advantage of the 50 degree weather, spend some quality time with my husband (whom I don't get to see enough) and have a day to play!


  1. :) I recharged my batteries this morning---so its a bit of planning for me to get ready for the school week so I can enjoy my Sunday! :)


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