Day 24 of SOLSC

Today for my class's counselor session we read a book about heroes. The book was "Everyday Heroes" written by kids and it discusses who they think are their heroes. It's wonderful to read about moms, dads, family members, friends and even sports heroes. One of my favorite parts is that all the kids talk about how everyone can be an everyday hero and all of us have one.
I think that I will have my students write their own book about who they feel is their hero and what impact he/she has made upon their life. This is a great way to see the effect of paying it forward and how much of an impact each person can make on our lives.


  1. That sounds like a great project, with many family connections. I like how the people we can admire are those around us. It puts things like the Tiger Woods issue in perspective.

  2. I love John Wayne, not that he did anything remarakable. But how can you not love a hearo who saves the day and rides off into the sunset!


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