Day 11 of SOLSC

I've always believed that reading is a way to escape reality and experience adventures. It has always been a way for me to live the lives of others and to truly learn about new and fascinating things. This year I wanted to find a way to encourage my students to read more but also inspire them to love reading as I always have. So, a teammate and I came up with starting an after school book club. We started last September and opened it up to all 3rd grade students. Out of 113 students we began with 68 students! I was so excited that so many students wanted to take time to read and do fun activities with books. (There are treats too!) 
We spend about 2 months on a book and we are now on our 4th book of the year. We still have 56 students who have stuck with it and I have seen a HUGE improvement with their interest in reading independently. I have parents call and email me all the time telling me that their kids don't want to go to bed because they can't stop reading! It warms my heart to hear that! 
So, today was their last meeting before spring break and they all got new books. What I think surprised me the most was that they all wanted to start reading their books today and are SO jazzed about reading over spring break. 
So, my something wonderful for today is that I'm so proud that my love of reading has resonated with my students and my passion for literature can live on!!


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