Day 3 of SOLSC

Living in Kansas during wintertime can be dreary and sometimes depressing. Winter still holds a firm grasp on us here and there have been many times in which I would just hope for a glimmer of sunshine and weather above freezing. Today was my day!! The weather was in the 40's and we had a sunshine filled day!! 
In my 3rd grade class next week we will be introducing symbolism in literature and making inferences. As I watch the forecast for the next week, I see the temperatures rising into the 50's and I feel that that growth symbolizes new spring promises and hopes. The dazzling sun is a symbol of my students' bright futures as they move into the last couple months of the school year. The rising temperatures represent my expanding vision of hope in the future for my students success. Finally, the arrival of spring soon brings a promise of new and fresh thoughts, hopes and reflections. 
My something wonderful for today is that as I inspect my world around me, I'm optimistic about what the future may bring but also energized to start something new!


  1. I think we're getting your Kansas weather here in Pennsylvania this weekend. I hope!


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