Day 18 of SOLSC

Day 6 of Spring Break-
It seems like my dreams and my real life take different directions with adventures.
Let me make a list of what I dreamt about last night. But, let me preface by saying that I have very interesting dreams that usually are confusing to try to understand. So, starting with the dream of a 3-D rock concert where people are flying around the room and I'm seeing people jumping over my head. Then, I was in a modeling competition where I couldn't figure out what shoes to wear. After that, I was dreaming about my husband in the back seat with me and my father in law driving in a mid 80's white Ford Mustang jumping ramps and doing total air flips where I felt like I was on a roller coaster. Then when we landed, we had to put our feet out the windows to push ourselves over. Finally, the icing on the cake, vampires running around the city and scaring everyone. ( I had just finished reading a vampire book-so I know where that came from haha). 
Well, I'm not sure exactly where all these ideas came from but I do know that I could probably think of a couple of book options to write about. :)
So, my something wonderful for today is to think about my dreams not worry about them. It just tells me that I have a very active imagination.


  1. I've had some strange dreams lately. Many of them include people from different periods of my life in the same place. Would never happen in reality, but I guess that is why it's playing out in my sleep!


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