Day 10 of SOLSC

Another day down and 2 more until spring break.
Let's see what I still need to accomplish:
report cards, newsletters, finish grading papers, rotate bulletin boards, rearrange desks, prepare for math state assessments that are 2 weeks after break, copy and plan for after break, add to district forms for accomodations, clean/sort classroom, replenish treasure box...
I think you get the point. Why does it always seem like my to do list is neverending. I guess it's part of being a teacher and everytime I accomplish one thing another pops up in its place. Well, I've decided that I will make a must-do top 5 to do list every day. Then, I must leave after those things on the list are done or I will be spending all my nights and weekends living at school. No way!
So, my wonderful thing for today is to stick to the top 5 most important things and then save the rest for later. That means less stress and worry for me. I must say that I've never had a student say that they must have their homework graded today or their life is over.


  1. I like the idea of a top 5 list. I'd like to get organized enough to try it.


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