Day 12 of SOLSC

Today is the last day of work before spring break! As I sit here typing this I am thankful that I have accomplished as much as I have up to this point in the school year. One state assessment down, many many hours of writing, reading, spelling, and just about everything. I'm so happy that I get a week to spend with my husband and my doggy and I will have time to take for me. There are books that I need to read and there are movies to watch!
So, today is purposefully planned out so that I get all my last minute things done. Then, at 4:00 I will be free!


  1. Congratulations on making your last minutes productive. Enjoy. We have one more week in our neck of the woods. Can't wait!

  2. And at 4:00 my GD will be free to come visit me. :)


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