Day 9 of SOLSC

Our school has really focused this year on increasing our students' independent reading stamina. So, my class and I brainstormed ways to achieve our goals of reading more books and reading for longer amounts of time. We are gradually working our way up to 30 minutes of independent reading per day and the students are excited about reaching that goal.
Every month, we decided that a great way to show what we've read is to put up a new theme bulletin board so that my students can record and post their independent reading books. During January, I put up a snowman and each of the books read by the students were recorded on snowballs. For February, I put up a large red heart and then each book was recorded on little pink hearts. This month, I have put up a leprechaun next to a pot'o'gold with a rainbow coming out of it and each book is recorded on a gold coin.  I expected that each week maybe we would have 10-15 books recorded on the chart. I was pleasantly surprised that it's only been 3 days with the pot'o'gold up and there are 40 coins already!!! I mean, really! I know that my students enjoy reading but I'm so excited and impressed that they are proud of reading and want to share that with others. Hooray!
So, my something wonderful for today is that I want to encourage my students to KEEP IT UP and keep reading each and every day so that they can have adventures through great books!


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