Day 16 of SOLSC

Day 4 of Spring Break-
As I lay in the smooth warm sand, I feel the bright illuminating sun gently cascading over my body and releasing me into a calmness. The soft wind that arrives like a welcome friend and  soothes my skin and feels like silk. When I move my fingertips in the velvety sand I raise them to feel the falling specks caressing my hands. I hear a sound from the seems to be getting gradually louder and closer...
Then, my alarm goes off! Of course, I would wish to be in such a wonderful place enjoying the warm weather and sand. But, for now, it will be a wish for the future. It was time to get up and walk the dog. Back to reality! 


  1. Oh I'm so jealous! I never dream of being on the beach. My dreams are always like waiting tables in a cafeteria, or pulling stalled cars out of the mud in a driving rain. I wake up exhausted, but relieved that I only have to go in and grade 30 essays. I guess that's why I have those dreams--to remind me that on the whole, I'm glad I have MY job and not those others.

    Elizabeth (who was close to a beach today, but drove home instead)


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